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  Form I-9

Rabi Sadiq, a new hire with your organization, is meeting with you to complete her onboarding paperwork, including Form I-9. As part of her verification process, she hands you an Employment Authorization Document that expires in 1 year. You should:
A) Explain that you are not permitted to accept expiring documents and ask for another form of work authorization from List A or List C.
B) Accept the provided document for now, but make a note to follow up with Rabi regularly to ensure she is still legally authorized to work for you.
C) Ensure that the document appears reasonably valid, complete Form I-9 as required, and file the paperwork in a special “audit” file you use to keep track of noncitizens.
D) Explain to Rabi that you need someone who will be available to work for your organization for more than 1 year and let her go.
E) None of the above.
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