Welcome to the HR Challenge

Here is a free, fun and intriguing way to test your Human Resources knowledge. Every week, you’ll receive an email with a question to answer. Compete for prizes, compare your score to colleagues, and enjoy!

How the HR Challenge Works:

The HR Challenge is a quiz designed to test your knowledge of the world of human resources. Each Challenge will run for six months, and then a new cycle, with new questions, will begin. current cycle will last until 4/26/2019 12:00:00 AM.

There is no cost for participation--the HR Challenge is free!

Each week a new question is e-mailed to registered subscribers and posted on the website. All registered subscribers (both basic and fully registered) will be able to answer the question and see if their answer is correct. Fully registered subscribers will have their answers maintained indefinitely, while basic registration subscribers will have their three most recent answers maintained. Note: If you already have an existing account with BLR (with username and password), please use that information to log into the HR Challenge page and then sign up for a fully registered account.

There are additional benefits for fully registered subscribers. Each correct answer to an HR Challenge question will be awarded 10 points, and the name and cumulative score of each fully registered subscriber for that 6-month period are eligible for display on the Leader Board. At the end of each 6-month period, the top five on the Leader Board will be awarded prizes of BLR products. Ranking on the Leader Board is based on the number of points earned by correct answers, and point ties will be broken on the basis of the number of referrals who have signed up.

Fully registered users also can create their own personalized Colleague Watch List (by entering the player name or e-mail addresses of associates who are also fully registered subscribers), plus they can look back at all the previous HR Challenge questions in that session.

Referral stars are awarded on the Leader Board and the Referral Board when a registered user refers the HR Challenge to a colleague and that colleague in turn becomes a fully registered user. If that colleague is already a registered HR Challenge subscriber, the referrer will not be awarded a referral star. Ranking on the Referral Board is based on the number of referrals earned, and the number of referral ties will be broken on the basis of the number of points earned by correct answers.

At the end of each round, the Top 25 on the Leader Board will be able to download a special Certificate of Achievement.

Please remember that the HR Challenge is purely a fun test of your existing knowledge. To keep it fun and fair, consider it a closed-book pop quiz for which you cannot look up the correct answer before taking it. We rely on the honor system.

If you disagree with our answer, please feel free to contact us. However, we will not re-grade any quiz, even if you believe our system scored or recorded your answer incorrectly.